Add to Cart. Another useful tool for organising all your Spey gear is the Airflo Shooting ... on the water during the forward casting stroke to conduct that forward casting stroke without prematurely blowing the line off of the water. Gorge Fly Shop has a wide selection of Airflo fly lines in various size, density, and length. Some lines are great for shooting sink tips and streamers while other lines are best for indicator fishing or even dry fly fishing. Fly Lines; Leaders; Tippet Robert says. This item ships for FREE! Go. 1 of 2 Go to page. Line Recommendations. Account. 2020 Echo/Airflo Two Hand Line Recommendations; Sink Tip Compatibility Chart - Airflo Heads; Rio 2019 Spey Line Recommendations; Temple Fork Outfitters 2020 Spey Line Recommendations; OPST Line Recommendations - For Brands A-Z Barrio 22g switch line (great spey casting) Airflo switch line 300 grain ( good all round) Rio Single Hand Spey WF7 (good all round) Loop SDS switch kit 7wt (great multi tip for Spey casting).. Examples of Coated Running Lines Currently on the Market: Some of the more popular coated running lines currently on the market include the Airflo Super-Dri Running Line, Rio Powerflex Max Shooting Line, Rio Connectcore Shooting Line, and the Scientific Anglers Floating Monocore Shooting Line.Another option which I have recently been spending some time with is the Monic GSP Shooting Floating Line. GUARANTEED. Scientific Anglers' newest Skagit line is a short, powerful head from 11' to 18' in grain weights of 150 to 360. Two-Hand Line Information. Gorge Fly Shop has a large selection of Airflo spey lines. Line Recommendations. Wish List. We also offer shooting head systems and multi-tip lines for versatility on the water. Nov 10, 2012 #1 Need some good counsel on what Line to put on this. RIO Skagit Max Short RIO Skagit … Next Last. Thread starter tcorfey; Start date Feb 28, 2015; tcorfey Well-known member. B. brucerducer Well-known member. Reader Interactions. For more information on the various two-handed lines to match our TFO rods, please see our recommendations … The exact grain weight within the above suggested grain windows you choose for your rod will depend on a) which rod you own, as different rods perform best with higher/lower grain weights, and b) your casting stroke and preference. Qty. Freshwater Fly Rods. Be the first to review this product. Depending on the brand, Skagit heads come in either 25 grain (Rio), 30 grain (Airflo), or 40 grain (SA) increments. Matching an Airflo Line to a Scott Rod. With that in mind we've created this fly line guide to help match your Scott fly rods to the right Airflo Fly Line. New Superflo Mini Tips. Messages 1,845 Reaction score 396 Location SF Bay area California. Traditional, (mid-to-long belly) lines in the 8/9 to 9/10 designation. I'd like an integrated line because I'll be stripping a lot of streamers and don't want to deal with the clunk of a head coming through my guides. Aggressive enough to turn over dense sink tips, the Scout allows the caster to toss and swing flies off of rods as short as 9 feet. Airflo Two-Handed Line to Rod Chart This Spey Line compatibility chart is provided as a reference to help match Airflo fly lines to your specific rod of choice. I see you have experienced a few of these light skagit lines, is there one of these lines that falls into the middle of the road that you can recommend, buying more lines gets expensive. SKU. Select Line Weight. In stock. The Airflo link only has Echo recommendations. I'm going to use the rod mainly for shad, smallmouth, and trout. We design and develop specialty Spey and switch fly line for today's modern fly rods. Scandi shooting heads are designed to be utilized with smaller and more lightweight flies.Spey Line - Grain Weight RecommendationsRIO Spey Line Recommendations for New RodsRIO Spey Line Recommendations for Older RodsAirflo Spey Line Recommendations Most spey lines consist of 3 parts, but it takes a bit more to complete the entire setup from the reel to the fly. Settings . In the very simplest terms, the Airflo Rage Compact slips in the considerable space between the Skagit Compact and the Scandi Compact. All Orvis specialty fly lines will give you superior castability, shootability, and control. Freshwater. My recommendation for general purpose casting/angling or entry-level casters is a ratio around 2.75 to 3.

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